ShopDrop Launches Sample Sale Discovery App in the World’s Fashion Capitals

ShopDrop Sample Sales, an iPhone app designed by and for frequent sample sale shoppers, announced today its release on the Apple app store. ShopDrop enables its users to discover sample sales in the world’s fashion capitals.

Before founding ShopDrop, CEO Cory Bishop lamented the lack of mobile tools for finding sample sales in a city as rich with sales as New York City: “Discovering sample sales was quite the cumbersome process–you had to sift through emails, follow the right blogs, and constantly track when these transient sales were opening and closing. We built ShopDrop to do this heavy lifting for the shopper. ”

After an initial 2014 release that focused on deals from boutique retailers, it quickly became apparent to ShopDrop’s data scientists that ShopDrop’s future lay not in deals, but in helping New York City’s sizable fashionable population discover and stay up to date with the city’s myriad and indispensable sample sales.

Thus ShopDrop underwent an overhaul to refocus on becoming an essential mobile shopping tool for shoppers in New York City, Los Angeles, London and Paris, who are now, for the first time, able to discover and receive alerts about sample sales around them.

About ShopDrop Sample Sales, Inc.: ShopDrop is a mobile shopping company based in Brooklyn, NY and founded by serial entrepreneur Cory Bishop. The ShopDrop app is the shopper’s most powerful tool for discovering sample sales in the world’s fashion capitals.