Dante Michael Anthony Vitoria (CEO The Vitoria Group) : We work with clients until they are funded . We help our clients all the way through..

Dante Michael Anthony Vitoria- CEO

We had an exclusive interview with Dante Michael Anthony Vitoria, CEO of The Vitoria Group in New York.

Mr Vitoria,You started your company in 1991, what were the services you started with ?
M&A work, and finding Institutional Investors to invest in small cap companies ( under 20 million Cap).

You successfully offer financial services to businesses who struggle to find capital through traditional banking ?
Yes, with a wide range of sources of capital and investors  and either debt, equity or a convertible equity situation.

You are working with small businesses but also with big corporations ?
Yes, in today’s market place, there is NO “ideal ” or “typical ” client or sized client.  Many of the largest companies in the US and Foreign based companies need capital  Look at the banks and auto industry in the US .  Look at how many oil companies have shut down …..and so many more.logovitoriagroup
You’re the host of  the famous radio show “On the money”. You could help many people with their financial troubles?
I offer commentary more than advice to small individuals.  I point out right and unfortunately WRONG and give my opinion on the topic.  I have been told MANY times I offer a unique prospective on issues and have a refreshing , honest and common sense approach on them.


One of your specialities is “recapturing of non-performing assets”, can You explain a bit more to ou readers?
Yes , I do that , and rather successfully .  What I am able to do is recover debts for creditors that otherwise be written off and taken as a loss.  I do NOT call “Joe Six Pack ” and collect $753.17 on an outstanding visa card for a bank. What I do , is restructure millions and in some cases , HUNDREDS of MILLIONS for a bank line of credit or loan and recover that .

Bridge financing is becoming more and more important as a solution when buy and sell dates don’t overleap, how can you help our readers in this specific case ?

I have a solid network of Bridge Lenders for companies in ALMOST any type of industries.

What is your commitment to your clients?
We work with clients until they are funded .  We help our clients all the way through..

The financial industry is changing every day, very fast, how do you make sure you can offer the best services to your clients in such a fast moving world?
I stay on top  of every trend in not only the finance industry, but I have 30 plus years of experience analyzing all types of business trends.

If our readers are interested in your services, how can they contact you ?
The firms website is : TheVitoriaGroup.com