Mulvehill Creek Wilderness Inn and Wedding Chapel

When you leave the Highway, you enter another world!” declares, Cornelia and René Hueppi, who opened their Mulvehill Creek Wilderness Retreat in 1994 – as a Bed & Breakfast for up to eighteen guests.
You just get that impression when you turn onto the one mile driveway leading to this unique place. The forest envelops you, the wind calms down, and the “hussle & bussle” of the highway is left behind you while you experience the serene, calming atmosphere of the Mulvehill Creek Peninsula

Rene, when did you started the B&B ?

We looked all over the planet during our many trips and chose 1994 our “final” destination here in the Arrow Lake Valley because of its most distinct four seasons on the planet. We renovated and expanded the old family dwelling in 1995 as a small lodge with just 3 units, than added 1998 another wing and large public areas such as heated saltwater pool, hot tub, lounge, game room/bar and sundeck.


What was daily life like before you started? It was going from a very stressy life to calming atmosphere of the Mulvehill Creek Peninsula?

Well, calming it’s for the guests for sure. A B&B is a 24/7 job and a 50 acres peninsula with 1 mile private access road, it’s own historic micro hydro (1946) and water system too. After 15 years as a Psychologist (Conny) and 30 years as an international PR consultant (René) we wanted to install our own secluded seminar centre for our former clients, but red tape minimized our plans. So we started some kind of boutique hotel instead just to fulfill the requirements of Immigration Canada. We (75 and 62) do this now for 21 years, perhaps some of your readers are interested to take over …



How many rooms you offer ?

Our guests can enjoy 2 suites and 6 double theme rooms (decoration from Ducks Unlimited, local and international artists). So they share the whole property with just a few other guests, mostly in an atmosphere like in a happy family. Some guests even went on on their trip together with others they did not know before. Many found friends in the same industry or with similar hobbies, such as canoeing on the 220 miles long lake.


How can you be reached by public transport ?

There will be scheduled flights this winter from Calgary and Kelowna, there is the Greyhound as well as limousine or several bus transports daily from Kelowna too. Trains stop in Kamloops (Rocky Mountaineer). We also pick up guests from everywhere, e.g. with float planes from Seattle or with a 5 pax twin tail plane. The Revelstoke airport was just upgraded for small passenger planes. Most guests rent a car in Vancouver, Calgary or Kelowna.


What do you offer during breakfast ?

A professor of the famous hotel school in Lausanne/Ouchy wrote in his university’s journal: “Conny’s breakfast beats any *****hotel. And a priest from Germany, who christianized our chapel, asked, once back home, every day by e-mail, he wonders what kind of eggs are served today as he never got the same during his 2 weeks stay! The buffet offers a combination of European and North American cuisine, also for vegetarians. And we brew real coffee. often bake the bread too and serve what the garden supplies.


People can even get married in a chapel ?

We built the romantic chapel in 2000 from local wood (own historic saw mill) and in Eastern Swiss style. Many international weddings took place with up to 100 guests, as we have heated tents on the beach with a huge BBQ. But some ceremonies were also in the deep forest or on our unique terrace in the middle of our 300 ft high waterfall or at the romantic fish pond or around the pool. We remember one of a Canadian/Japanese couple who found each other in the same hospital after a serious ski crash …


Conny, congratulations with your organic garden ! Can you tell us some more about it ?

Thank you, it’s for me like a therapy to work there and to see how Mother Nature nurishes us throughout the year. The 11,000 sqft got an award for the best semi-professional in B.C.Twelve fruit trees and many berry bushes contribute to the homemade jam, the herb garden to the cuisine. Many vegetables are frozen, canned and pickeled, so the harvest stays long into the Winter. A root cellar helps us to store potatoes and apples. Many products, including mushrooms or Birch sap jelly from our 50 acres forest, were sold on the local farmer’s market.


I never heard of Revelstoke to be honest, but it seems a place I must visit?

Frommer’s Guide wrote once that his readers should come before its sleepy time is over. It was the best hidden secret for the heli skiers and the hut to hut Summer and Winter “tour”-ists. National Geographic chose some activities to the 10 best adventures on earth. The snowmobilier’s paradise at Boulder Mountain wins every year the platinum awards. The ski hill which opened six years ago changed that fast, as it offers the highest vertical in N.A. and Nr. 4 in the world, with its unique Champagne powder and many Summer activities. Finally the mountain bikers have their own trail system, slopes for the X-country fans in Winter. The advantage of Revelstoke is that every sport has its own designated area, the open spaces are huge. Also it has a vivid cultural life, such as every evening open air concerts in Summer. So it’s not a rush through place but a destination for a longer stay.


Interested readers can book online ?

Yes, it’s easy on where they can see the rooms, the buildings, the surroundings, some of the many feathered (100+ species) and furred friends as well as the plants from the forest. Couples who want to tie the knot here find more on Just bring two ID’s.


If you had to tell us one very remarkable story about one of your visitors….tell us 🙂

We remember a couple from Munich (BMW design team) where it was too windy to sign the wedding papers at the waterfall terrace. So we decided to do that on our sun deck. At that very moment the Bald Eagle flew 15 feet low over the deck and let a feather fall! Or Garry Sowerby (winner of races around the world and from North Cape to Cape town) who visited Mulvehill Creek on his trip to 85 environmentally responsible stations in Canada (organized by GM to test Euthanol 85 and their new hybrids) and as it on Thanksgiving he was invited to carve the Turkey. He wrote in his blog that he cannot write that it was the best Turkey in his life, as he has a mother, grandmother, aunt and girl friend … Many authors left us their books, artist their paintings, ceramics and carvings.