Restaurant l’Invité , Amsterdam

L'invité, Amsterdam


In the centre of Amsterdam, surrounded by the beautiful canals in the Bloemgracht we discovered restaurant l’Invité, managed by Sico de Moel with the help of maître Sjeng, waitress Ruby and his apprentice Kobus…

Mr Sico can you tell us something about the location of your restaurant?

L’invité is located on one of the most beautiful canals in the center of the Jordan area; Bloemgracht.

Where did you learn your culinary skills?

I’ll never stop learning. Sometimes I invite fellow chefs to join me in the my kitchen for a few days. But the most important is the feedback from our guests. I always try to serve some dishes myself to meet with my customers and find out what they appreciate the most.


You work as much as possible with local Dutch ingredients, why is this so important for you ?

Because of the beauty and variety of the Dutch agriculture. For example: the salty sea vegetables or the wood pigeon. When I am on vacation myself I also want to be suprised by local products.

Local ingredients but inspired by the French classics, right?

For example: our Airy Crème Brûlée with local rhubarb or our Razorfish from the North Sea


You adjust every tasting to the likes or dislikes of your guests?

Yes. I love guests who are willing to try new tastes, but it is no problem to change some items in the Tasting.

During our tasting experience we were very surprised by the “consommé”, can You unveil a part of your secret?

It is a fruit consommé. We make it out of the skin of the grapes. A vegetable bouillon with a delicate sweety of the grapes.

Another surprise you served was the “razorfish”, You find it along the beaches fo the North Sea?

I like to suprise my guests with items we alle know, but which we do not eat as often. Everybody who ever walked along the beaches of the Northsea knows the shells of the razorfish. Together with sweet-sour fennel it’s amazing

You also welcome groups?

Since we are a small restaurant, we can only welcome groups up to 45 guests. Groups of 20 or more have to rent the whole restaurant exclusively.

Culinary bible Michelin was recommending L’invité in their 2016 edition..You must be a proud man ?

Yes, I’m very proud as it is also a recognition for my whole team.

Any new things you would like to offer in l’Invité ? New projects ahead?

Last year we did a L’invité pop-up restaurant at Sail. Next year….keep your ears and eyes open…