Discover Melbourne Australia Tours , a family operated tourism business

Melbourne Australia tours is one of Australia’s fastest growing tour companies that has been entertaining travellers for a long time. They are a family owned and operator business running small group tour operations in Melbourne and Australia wide at amazing low prices.

We had an interview with Colin May founder/Managing director of the company.


Colin, when did you started with your tours services?

We started back in 2009

I see you offer tours for 1 days up  to 7 days package tours?

We offer up to 7 days around !

You offer a lot of tours but is there something you are specialized in ?

Package tours we seem to be the ones offering these with 2 or 3 meals a day accommodation, free wifi entry fees etc.



I had a look at your rates and what you offer is very affordable, how can you this?

We just learn to keep our cost down low from the start that was told to me by family member who was a train accountant.

You have all necessary accreditations ?

Yes we are government approve you can find this information on :

When arriving in Melbourne your clients can also use your airport shuttle service?

Yes they can.

Can You tell us something about your guides?

Our guides are from Australia speak very good english and know the area well have about 20-25 years experience so you know you getting great service when you travel with us.

Your clients are coming from all over the world? I saw You also take care of special needs such as Muslims and halal food?

Yes, we take care of all dietary and religions groups.

What languages do your guides and drivers speak ?

English and Mandarin when needed.

Will you offer any new tours in the near future ?

We have just expanded doing from Melbourne to Sydney and now we are  expanding Melbourne to Tasmania to Just waiting for government to approve to get the paperwork once they have got we can start advertising and start sending buses down there.


Thank you for your time !