Antigraviator coming to Kickstarter on the 27th of April

The antigravity racer “Antigraviator” will launch a Kickstarter campaign on April 27th.

Antigraviator is a futuristic antigravity racing game where you pick up power globes along a race track so you can trigger traps on your opponent. The game will among others feature 12 tracks in 4 different worlds, 3 customizable vehicles, online and up to four player split-screen multiplayer for both PC and Xbox One.

Cybernetic Walrus, the company behind the game hopes to raise an additional 30.000 Euro of funding, after receiving 60.000 Euro funding from VAF (Flanders Audiovisual Fund) last week. The extra fund will help the team mainly on the development and marketing of the game.

There will also be an early bird tier for people subscribed to the mailing list on their website: